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Rayleigh’s New Favourite

We’ve had the relatively new Naim Audio Nac-272 Streaming Pre-Amplifier for a couple of weeks now, and it has taken pride of place in the front demonstration room along with the matching Nap-250 power Amp and our pair of marvelous Neat Momentum SX5i speakers. nac 272 angle


We were a little dubious of the Nac-272s capabilities before we plugged it in. It seemed to offer too much value for money, covering both analogue and digital inputs as well as streaming capabilities and upgradeable with a choice of off-board power supplies . Our cynicism soon disappeared – about 5 minutes after we turned it on. The Nac-272 revealed itself to be a wonderfully capable conduit for all the sources we put through it. The sound is musical and warm with no digital harshness and we soon forgot about trying to analyse the performance and just sat back and let it entertain us.

The new Nap-250DR is the logical companion, the new Discrete Regulator really opening up the sound with even more dynamics and finesse. Connected to a pair of Neat Isobarik Momentum SX5i, the system just demands to be listened to. The bass punches deep but is tight, controlled and never overblown. Musicality is never compromised with open mid-range and nicely rounded vocals. Simply toe-tappingly fantastic!

The Nac-272 is the ideal component to bring any older Naim Pre/power system in the 21st century without compromise. An ideal replacement for a NAC-102, Nac-82 or Nac-72, we would be happy to discuss trade-in options.

The Nac-272 can be heard at the Rayleigh Store. Please call on 01268 779762 for more details.

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