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T+A= √Hi Fi

No, it’s not algebra (thankfully) T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of Audio Technology. Designed and built to the usual German standards of perfection, T+A cut no corners in the manufacture of their products to ensure the best possible performance, as well as a reliable longevity. This is Hi Fi you don’t just buy, you invest in, as it will continue to reward you for many years.


T+A produce a comprehensive range of electronics from the compact little ‘Cala’ Media Streaming all-in-one box, through to the slimline elegant ‘Revolution‘ range and finally the award winning reference level ‘HV-Series’ of separates. There is a solution for all sources of your music collection at all levels.





The new generation of Digital file playback is handled with ease by the sublime DAC 8 DSD Digital to Analogue converter, setting new standards for Hi-Res Audio. The DAC 8 DSD also acts as an excellent Pre-amp – partner with the matching Amp 8 for an amazing combination that will outperform many other brands at twice the size and the cost!

The T+A range is now available at the Rayleigh Store. Please contact us on 01268 779762 for further details

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