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The Neatest Floorstander you’ll ever see



Neat Acoustics, well known for their compact high quality loudspeakers, have released their most innovative little floor-stander yet. The Iota Alpha takes the drive units of the remarkable Iota mini-monitor and adds an extra downwards firing bass unit in a ported cabinet beneath the sealed upper units.

The result is fairly amazing; the speakers manage to present an image several feet above their actual diminutive height of just 45 cm. The sound is spacious with instantly more warmth than the standard Iota and obviously much deeper and tighter bass. This really is a special little speaker!

They prove to be a rather inefficient load so although a cheaper amp will work with them, they really show their potential with a more muscular amp behind them. Connected to the end of the Sugden A21 Signature, they performed effortlessly, just getting on with playing the music with a lovely sense of rhythm.

If you are looking for a compact speaker with a tiny footprint, you need not look any further. The Iota Alpha’s are available in a choice of both coloured and wood finishes and retail @£1380 a pair.


Muddy Neat


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