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The New ChordBurndy Cable

The easy way to upgrade your Naim system

Cable Specialists The Chord Company have announced a brand new cable in the form of the ChordBurndy, specifically designed as an upgrade over the standard Naim Audio Burndy cable -something us Naim users have been waiting for!! This allows an easy upgrade to squeeze the full performance out of your Naim system

The Chord Company ChordBurndy cables are available in custom lengths and a wide variety of configurations depending on your Naim system with prices starting from £1600Every cable is handmade to order and uses the optimum signal/shielding system, comprising silver-plated copper conductors, Chord’s flagship Taylon® proprietary insulation, an acoustic braid, plus an anti-EMF braid, all protected by a black nylon outer jacket. In experimenting with various combinations, Chord found conductor gauge and shielding upgrades gave the biggest improvements. eg. for the Naim 500 series models they have increased the copper gauge to the maximum that the larger pins will allow. Depending on your equipment combination there can be between seven and nineteen internal cables. The ChordBurndy can be a time and resource-heavy build, but the leap in performance is pretty fundamental and therefore, we feel, justifiable. The different custom-built Burndys come in at different price levels depending on complexity and the number of wires needed.

Single cable variants: 555 (no.2) 7 pin, 555 (no.1) 10 pin, SXPS 11 pin, CDS power Burndy 13 pin, NAC252 15 pin, Nac 52 Pre 16 pin, Snaxo/S-Line 17 pin, 552 19 pin

Cable pair variants: NAP 300 7 pin, NAP 500 9pin

Call us on 01245265245 or email us @ for more information on pricing and options for your Naim system