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The Super Nova is here! (The Naim Uniti Nova that is)


The Naim Audio Uniti Nova is now available. Hot on the heels of its smaller sibling, the mighty UnitiĀ Atom, the Nova proves to be everything we’d anticipated and more- A super-Nova in fact!

Uniti Nova really lives up to its name with some outstanding new technology which really sets it apart from the rest of the range. Its circuitry features the highest quality discrete components, a massive toroidal transformer for an exceptional sound, superior isolation, our new signature volume control, more inputs than you can shake a stick at and an 80 watt power per channel power amplifier to boot. Uniti Nova is as good as an all-in-one player can get.

We’ve put it through its paces in the Demonstration room over the last week or two and it’s just getting better and better. Hook it up to a pair of PMC TwentyFive/23 for a seriously capable single box solution!

The Uniti Nova is on demonstration now at the Rayleigh and Chelmsford Stores. Please call or pop in for more information