Entreq specialise in Ground Boxes, Power Management and Cables. Entreq are a Swedish manufacturer with a unique approach which essentially is the quest to better understand signal transfer in Hi-Fi and factors which influence this. The ultimate goal is musical pleasure. This approach has resulted in a wide range of products that have a unique twist in dealing with vibration, magnetic dampening, and electric & electronic whirl currents. Everything is developed & produced by Entreq in Sweden, even the contacts & plug connectors for their grounding products, interconnects & speaker cables. Contacts are an incredibly important part of any cable link and Entreq believe that it should be a carefully integrated part of the design process. Their products are thoroughly tested using a diverse range of rooms and products. No Entreq product is released into the market unless it shows a significant improvement.

At Rayleigh Hi-Fi, we have been delighted with the improvement we have been able to achieve in hi-fi systems by utilising Entreq products. We are very confident that a demonstration will provide all the proof you need. Please contact our Rayleigh store.

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