Entreq Primer Hexa Speaker Cable Pair – Factory Terminated

The Primer Hexa range, launched in the summer of 2023, introduces a new design that does not require a ground box, offering excellent value for money. With a redesigned entry-level cable, the Primer Hexa is the perfect starting point to explore Entreq’s renowned even-handed and well-balanced sound signature, setting the stage for an immersive and fatigue-free listening experience.

Hexa maintains a natural and organic performance, distinguishing itself from other cables that may sound strident and artificially detailed.

Standard with terminated spades and the option of 4mm plugs upon request, this pair comes with a standard length of 2.2m, with additional lengths available in 1.1m increments. Boasting almost all the features found in Entreq’s pricier product ranges, the Primer Hexa cables deliver unparalleled performance at an entry-level price point. Their construction eliminates the need for ground boxes, making them an ideal option where space is at a premium.


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