Chord Shawline Power Chord – UK 3 Pin Plug

A high specification mains cable – designed, hand-built and rigorously tested in the UK. An updated and reworked version of the previous Power Chord, now featuring an improved, thicker stranded conductor and a redesigned, higher gauge braid wire shield. Part of the widely acclaimed and extensive Shawline range of analogue and digital interconnects, headphone and speaker cables.

This Chord Company mains power cable is fitted with a 13-amp fuse and is intended for use only with hi-fi and audio-visual components. It has been designed to improve the overall performance of audio and video components. The unique shielding system means it can also improve picture quality when used with projectors and screens.



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  • 3 x 14 AWG high purity multi-strand copper conductors. Parallel conductor layout
  • PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping factor
  • Dual layer high frequency effective braid and foil combination shield
  • High density vibration damping outer jacket
  • Fittted with high-spec 10 or 16 amp IEC plugs
  • 10 Year Warranty