Linn LP12 Full Service

Rayleigh Sound and Vision offer a full servicing and upgrading service for your Linn LP12 turntable, to keep it running and sounding the best it possibly can. A decent service is the best value upgrade we can provide as a compressed or a poorly set up suspension can ruin the sound of an LP12.

We recommend a full service every 4 years on all Linn LP12 models.


Our full service comprises 


    • Carbon steel suspension springs
    • Rubber grommets
    • Locknuts
    • Mudguard washers
  • Change bearing oil
  • Check spindle for wear
  • Rebalance suspension
  • Inspect and clean belt
  • Inspect and clean motor pulley
  • Clean and inspect stylus for excessive wear
  • Check / adjust cartridge alignment
  • Rebalance arm to manufacturers specification
  • Clean deck, refit felt mat, and perform audio test


We also sell a Belt Replacment separately along with other parts as needed. We can talk you through the upgrade options we provide and fit them whilst we service your turntable.


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To enquire about this or any other product,
please call either Rayleigh 01268 779762
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