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Pro-Ject launches 2 new Cartridges

Turntable specialists Pro-Ject have launched two new cartridges, designed to compliment their range of Record Players. The Pick-It DS2 is a Moving Coil cartridge whilst the Pick-It S2 is a Moving Magnet Concorde design for use with removable headshell/DJ style decks.

We heard the DS2 mounted on Pro-Ject’s Classic deck recently and were instantly taken with its agile performance, digging all the information out of the vinyl groove with a great sense of timing.

The Pick-It DS2 is manufactured using a special SLS (Selective Laser sintering) process, producing an almost resonance free body which results in optimum dynamics and performance. Easy to mount, the Pick-It DS2 is an ideal compliment to any tonearm and is available now @£525

Needle type: Naked elliptical Weight: 9 g Stylus tip radius: 8/18 µm Frequency Response: 20 – 24.000 Hz Output Voltage: 0,5 mV Channel separation: 25dB @ 1kHz Compliance dynamic/lateral: 14 µm/mN Tracking force range: 2,0-2,5 g Recommended tracking force: 2,2 g Tracking angle: 20° Spool material: Pure 4N Cu Recommended load resistance: 20 Ω

Pick-It S2 MM Cartridge

The new Pick-IT S2 makes use of Ortofon’s iconic Concorde cartridge body. Now widely recognised as a DJ cartridge, the Concorde actually began life nearly 40 years ago as a hi-fi cartridge, and displays optimal characteristics for an engaging sound delivery. The added benefit of the Concorde design is that you don’t need a headshell or any complicated alignment process – you just plug it in and adjust the tracking weight to get spinning.

The Pick-IT S2 is the perfect solution for the growing number of vinyl fans whose tonearm boasts an SME-style lock-nut for inserting a headshell/cartridge. With the elegant silver finish on its optimised polycarbonate housing the Pick-IT S2 has high cosmetic appeal, but more importantly it also delivers an exciting sound with excellent timing and true high-fidelity characteristics via the precise elliptical diamond stylus.

The Moving Magnet (MM) generator within the body brings further convenience to the design, as it facilitates a high output (6mV), for easy system-matching, and also allows for easy stylus upgrades. Thanks to the partnership with Ortofon on this design, even more sophisticated Ortofon OM Styli, such as the Stylus 20 or Stylus 30 will easily fit the Pick-IT S2.

The Pick-It S2 is available now @£135