Artcoustic SL EVOLVE 3-1

Three Way Precision Monitor

This flexible loudspeaker is designed for use in small to medium size rooms for home cinema or Hi-Fi, as well as multi-room applications such as kitchens, bedrooms and studies. The SL Evolve 3-1 is a high SPL speaker. For optimal performance it should be partnered with an Artcoustic subwoofer.

The SL Evolve Series is a true all-rounder, whether you are looking for high-end sound from two speakers in a stereo music setup, or multiple speakers for cinemas and multi-room audio, the SL Evolve Series will fulfil all your audio needs.


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  • Extended flat frequency response up to 40 kHz

  • Detailed and transparent sweet spot

  • A sophisticated and minimal cabinet design

  • High sensitivity and exceptional sound pressure level

  • Low distortion

  • Benchmark transient response

  • Guided directivity

  • Plug and play – easy to install approach