Artcoustic SL Evolve 1

The Evolve 1 shares many characteristics with the other models in the Artcoustic range. Maintaining Artcoustic’s clean contemporary design, the Evolve 1 has been designed and engineered for a wide range of applications, suited for most indoor and outdoor spaces, where premium sound quality and flexibility are required.

The Evolve 1 speaker can be expanded as a dual array speaker for higher sound pressure levels and further controlled horizontal and vertical dispersion, typically needed for more commercial applications.

The Evolve 1 is an impressive-sounding semi full-range speaker solution, packed with high-end finesse and an impressive dynamic range, all from a very small and aesthetic form factor.

The Evolve 1 has been designed to match the same tonality as the rest of the Artcoustic range and will especially excel in conjunction with the Artcoustic CPH-Trio amplifier, but can also be used with any other high-quality power source.


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Extremely small and compact cabinet design with low distortion

Low power consumption

Wide frequency response 70 Hz to 40 kHz

Fast, easy, and simple installation

Suitable for a wide range of applications