The A6 Evo is a new floor standing speaker which offers a greatly improved performance whilst still retaining some distinctive features such as the subwoofer integrated into the cabinet. This allows for greater bass extension and dynamic response even at lower listening levels. The modern aesthetic along with the high grade furniture finishes are of highest quality, distinguishing the elegance of our brand and providing an unalterable quality over time. Bring the Italian music experience into your home and enjoy a natural and smooth sound.



The A6 Evo speakers are made by the best Italian wood artisans. To finish the refined wood veneer we have chosen a glossy lacquered Italian Walnut and alternatively an elegant high gloss black piano.



The use of high performance drivers and a new crossover design have allowed us to set new standards and produce a quality, great sounding loudspeaker. All drivers are produced by the best manufacturers in the world, custom made for Gold Note. The new 5″ front mid woofer drivers manufactured by SEAS in Norway are made of treated paper, a ventilated aluminum basket and a long excursion coil. The speakers have a vented design featuring a precisely machined aluminium rear reflex port.



The internal 6″ subwoofer is located in a separate sealed chamber with tuned cavity (symmetrical loaded) capable of greatly increasing the lower extension. The reflex port is faced to the floor generating a hemispherical emission, significantly minimizing the problems of positioning the speakers from the rear and side walls.



The 1″ silk dome tweeter coil is cooled with ferrofluid, it also features an aluminum flange and a ceramic magnet. The silk dome has the same profile of a catenary curve to ensure playback is free of break-up and any distortion. The passive components included are hand-picked to match loudspeakers with very low tolerances.



The crossover has a 12dB/octave set up at 60/2000 Hz range and uses components made exclusively by Mundorf and Clarity.




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