Ruark Audio R3S

Wireless and CD Music System

Enhanced sound – now with STEREO+
Powerful new processing now incorporates Ruark’s STEREO+ sound system. This gives you a wider and deeper sound that makes everything sound much more spacious and lifelike. For such a compact system, the wide-open sound is a revelation. Adaptive equalisation provides the ideal sound at all volume levels.

Stream your favourite music
Connect up to your Broadband connection via wi-fi or Ethernet and stream all the music you want. Compatible with popular services such as Spotify Connect (with Premium account), Amazon Music, and Deezer, the R3S gives you access to a near limitless range of music. If you enjoy listening to radio and podcasts from around the world, Internet radio services, including catch-up services are also on hand.

CD player built-in
For full compatibility with your treasured discs, the R3S is equipped with a built-in CD player. This high quality player lets you play all your existing discs without the need to transfer them to a storage device. The multi-format player is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA and AAC (320 Kbps) encoded music discs.

SmartRadio Tuner – includes DAB
As well as Internet radio, the R3S is equipped with DAB+/DAB/FM tuners. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) gives access to the widest range of stations, in crisp and clear digital sound quality. In case your favourite stations aren’t available in DAB, this Ruark radio is also equipped with an FM tuner.


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