Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Waveform™ hf Digital RCA 1m

The new Ultra Silver Waveform hf design is a big departure from the original version brings much more in terms of clarity to your system. Building on a similar performance profile even with a completely different build structure to the award winning waveform II, the hf now has increased the shielding and protection for the digital signal.

Just like all Tellurium’s cables, the Digital Coaxial cables are hand built in Britain for performance. This cable can be made with either RCA or BNC plugs. Some think that the idea that improving the signal path for digital signals is a waste of time. However, a digital signal is not a 1 or 0 as is often thought but an analogue pulse, and so the same care and consideration must be taken with the construction of a digital cable as with a pure analogue cable. The 1 or 0 is the result of the signal being “read”, and that is the binary piece of information- not the electronic signal in the wire. That is the way Tellurium think of it and why they build the cables the way that they do.


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