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PMC return to Rayleigh


PMC ( Professional Monitor Company) was founded in 1990 by two partners, an ex-BBC engineer and a Bauch engineer whose expertise and passion has turned the company into one of the most highly respected International speaker brands.

PMC have made a welcome return to Rayleigh Hi Fi with the award winning Twenty5 range. A celebration of 25 years of manufacturing, The Twenty5 range is the culmination of a quarter of a century of research, obsessive design and craft to produce the very finest loudspeakers for home listening. Every element in the design has been considered in order to create finely tuned, transparent speakers capable of revealing music’s subtlest shades and deeply emotional details.

The award winning Twenty5.23 (£3095) is now on display at both the Rayleigh and Chelmsford Stores and is probaly the most accessible speaker in the range in terms of its asthetics, size and performance. What Hi Fi Magazine gave it a 5 star review and a 2016 Best Speaker award winner – see the review here 

Available in a choice of sumptuous wooden cabinets, the twenty5.23 is compact enough to integrate discreetly into any room and yet make its presence known. Beautifully open in sound without ever being bright or aggressive, we’ve found it the perfect partner for the new Naim Uniti Nova.

The rest of the range (2 bookshelf speakers & 2 larger floorstanders) will be on display shortly so pop in now to hear why these speakers have been well received by both customers and press alike.